Policy makers, regulators, public utilities and businesses often want to understand people’s preferences or willingness to pay with respect to planned interventions or hypothetical scenarios.  In many instances, there are insufficient data on real market choices to address this need, and so decision makers often turn to the academically well-established techniques of stated preference research to provide the evidence.  Stated preference studies pose a series of specially crafted choices to respondents, and then analyse the response data using econometric techniques.  The core results include statistical estimates of the key measures of interest to the decision maker, such as customers’ willingness to pay for changes in service levels, the public’s willingness to pay for a programme of environmental improvements, or the elasticities of demand with respect to price or income changes.  The techniques of stated preference research can be applied across a wide range of cases to obtain precisely designed measures targeted at the real issues at stake. For example:

  • a policy maker may wish to evaluate the impact of a proposed consumption tax scheme at different rates and thresholds to inform the policy design;
  • a regulator may need an estimate of the benefits of a new regulation for an impact assessment;
  • a regulated utility may need estimates of customers’ willingness to pay for improved services to justify its investment proposals to a regulator;
  • a business may wish to know the level of demand for its services in various scenarios.

PJM economics works with partner organisations to deliver high quality stated preference research, from design through to final reporting and application in cost-benefit analysis.  We also advise on best practice approaches to stated preference research, and offer peer review of other organisations’ studies.

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(Includes experience gained while in previous employment at organisations other than PJM Economics)

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