Decision makers increasingly appreciate the power of econometric techniques to obtain key insights and measures in a variety of contexts. Econometric modelling embraces a rigorous economic theory driven approach to statistical analysis, and, as such, supports causal inferences in addition to obtaining simple correlations and other statistical measures. The range of studies amenable to econometric modelling and forecasting is vast.  Examples of the types of study we have undertaken to date include:

  • Demand modelling & forecasting
  • Cost benchmarking & efficiency analyses
  • Cost of capital estimation
  • Discrete choice modelling
  • Price forecasting
  • Analysis of seasonality

Related experience

(Includes experience gained while in previous employment at organisations other than PJM Economics)

Demand Modelling & Forecasting

  • An Econometric Model of Household Vehicle Choice
    Ministère de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement Durable et de l’Aménagement du Territoire (MEEDDAT), France
  • Forecasting Prescriber Volumes
    Lloyd’s Pharmacies, UK
  • Estimating Determinants of Prescription Volumes
    Lloyd’s Pharmacies, UK
  • Best Practice Guidance on Demand Forecasting
    Scottish Water
  • Estimating Long-Term Fare Elasticities of Rail Demand
    Strategic Rail Authority, UK
  • Forecasting Industrial Water Demand
    Northumbrian Water, UK
  • The Impact of Household Metering on Consumption
    UK Water Industry Research, UK

Cost Benchmarking & Efficiency Analyses

  • Cost Benchmarking (Stochastic Frontier) Analysis of Air Navigation Service Providers
    Eurocontrol, Belgium
  • Reform of Northern Ireland Water Service, Efficiency Analysis Component
    Department for Regional Development, Northern Ireland
  • Comparative Efficiency Analysis of UK Water Companies
    Scottish Water
  • Estimating OPEX and CAPEX Efficiency
    Water UK

Cost of Capital Estimation

  • Estimating the Cost of Capital for UK Water Companies, at PR04 and at PR09
    Water UK and Northumbrian Water, UK
  • Estimating the Cost of Capital for KPN (A Telecommunications Provider)
    OPTA, Netherlands
  • Estimating the Cost of Capital for UK Electricity  Distribution Network Operators
    WPD, UK

Price forecasting

  • Forecasting UK Construction Output Prices
    Scottish Water and Northumbrian Water, UK

Analysis of seasonality

  • Review of Seasonal Adjustments to Local Authority Benefit Claimant Data
    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK